Monday, November 2, 2009

Let the Promo, BEGIN!

I've given some thought to this process, which has really bogged me down thinking of how it's all going to work. So, in light of the full moon, I'm throwing caution to the wind, and setting sail. I will iron out the kinks as they form because the more I'm trying to figure a way to resolve any potential issues, the more I'm finding that would seriously limit the fun, free-flowing nature of this blog.

So, in the essence of fair-mindedness and a desire to broaden horizons between writers, I have created the following rules, or guidelines. If you'd like to participate, please affix your John Hancock to let me know you've read this post and understand the point and the environment I'm attempting to create here.

*First and foremost this is a blog for professional adults. No childishness will be tolerated. This means no personal insults in your reviews. As writers, I would hope you can find a creative way to say you don't like a particular book, including reasons for your feelings. It helps no one, especially the author, to be told their work is somehow disagreeable but there are no details as to why the reviewer feels that way. Details and creativity; we are writers, are we not?

*We do not discriminate based on religion, race, sex, creed, or genre. Any book, any genre, any type of author can submit except the following:

--Manuals/books/biographies that in any way, shape or form discriminate, promote violence, terrorism, racism, sexism, or basically piss me off. I'm not going to talk to you like you're five-year olds. If you've penned the new Mein Kampf, go elsewhere. If I feel a book is somehow inappropriate, I reserve the right not to post it's contents, blurbs, or reviews on this website. (Eg: books that teach kids how to make bombs, that perpetuate hateful, discriminatory beliefs against any group.) Common sense people. I will elaborate should the need arise, which I'm hoping is a concern that will never be validated.

*You are not going to be forced to read anyone's book, just as I will not force anyone to read yours. If you have any kind of preference, there will be a place for you to state that. Keep in mind, the narrower your mind, the narrower the pool will be to review your own work/conduct interviews. You've been warned.

*I'm working on the format. If you have a better idea, please shoot it to me at I am not so proud to think I have all the answers. I know that only happens once I reach 35. Psh. (Insert laugh track here.)

*There will be 3 formats for reviews from which you may choose: anonymous, exchange, and purchase. I will elaborate on these formats in another post.

*You agree that you will do an interview/review before your work is promoted. For reviews, I suggest the parties involved read their books as soon as possible to prevent large gaps in posts. I cannot force you to get your review out there soon, but please remember these are your fellow writers. Please treat them with the same dignity, patience, and respect you'd expect from them.

*We're all very busy. We're all writing, promoting, editing, something. Please keep in mind when you enter this, you need to carve out some time, just like others are doing for you. It's meant to be fun, not a drag. I want it to be fun. I'm just as guilty as the next for biting off more than I can chew. I'm trying to learn the ancient art of NO, but until I do, this blog is on a volunteer basis. If you're interested, remember you came to us. No one is forced to do anything, except give up your first born for a spot on the NYT bestsellers list. (~gives evil laugh~)

*Please direct all comments, questions and complaints to your local member of Congress, not me. Ok, fine. E-mail me at, but be forewarned I will expect to have had coffee before mingling with the public at large. It's for everyone's own good, TRUST ME.

*Lighten up, be fun, bring back that adventurous feeling of days gone by. DO NOT bring attitude and egos. Save that for reality TV. I hear they're looking for a few good divas.

*Write something about this post in your signature comment so I know you actually read this, and didn't just skim like when you failed your driver's license exam. Twice.

*For the FCC: Reviews on this site are given on a pay-it-forward basis. Some books have been purchased by reviewers, others have been given. In no way is a reviewer bound to give a good review. It does not do her/him any kind of justice to positively review a book that they do not enjoy. They will spend approximately the same amount of money to send their own materials for review. Each person below understands they are not taking part in a 'good review for pay or freebie' type of program.

*Finally, I suggest each reviewer to make a mention whether they've purchased the book or if it was indeed sent, to satisfy Uncle Sam and his Book Bots.



Sunday, October 4, 2009

Welcome to Scratch My Book! This is a new blog for writers, publishers, graphic artists and others who wish to promote their materials, novels, and book-related business. Here at Scratch My Book, you reap what you sow. Would you like an interview? A book review? Lovely! All you have to do is reciprocate. More details are coming, I have a lot of work to do!